ContigoCulture is an innovative partnership of senior-level experts in multicultural, diversity and inclusion topics, empowering organizations to better understand employees and clients from various cultural backgrounds.  



  • Intervene with a client to understand their business goals

  • Create a proposal based on the client’s desired results

  • Confront and resolve any obstacles that threaten a client’s ability to attract, sustain and include an audience from a multicultural sector

  • Implement strategies to accelerate the multicultural sales process

  • Create and sustain community awareness for a client’s brand

  • Scale customer reach and retention

  • Oversee any obstacles with public relations and community outreach

  • Ensure satisfaction from potential customers

  • Create a better organization culture after we complete our tailored implementation





Our comprehensive portfolio of services allows us to offer our clients an integrated solution to transform their Culture, through a detailed Discovery and Transformational Training, into a stronger organization.



Our comprehensive portfolio includes management of a variety of areas. Learn how to manage trainings for multicultural demographics. Hispanic and multicultural communications in the best cultural-savvy tendencies, along with the best way to manage your partnerships and sponsorships.


Total review about how your Total Rewards Program components are communicated and marketed to all your employees, breaking down any employee segments to determine any impact on the benefit offering.

A meaningful culture transformation starts by re-engineering the dialogue

between team leaders and team members based on trust, empathy, and support to share a common view of success.

- Alex Matlock, CEO and Founder


About ContigoCulture:
ContigoCulture is a partnership of senior-level experts in multicultural, diversity, and inclusion topics. We use a trademark methodology that empowers organizations to better understand clients from various cultural backgrounds. Our unique methodology concentrates on identifying the challenges faced by organizations when it comes to genuine engagement and retention of multicultural clients. With an extensive assessment, we provide a tailored solution and implementation strategy.
Alex Matlock
Multicultural-Strategic Communications | Strengths Coach | D&I 
Alexandra is a Memphis-based entrepreneur, businesswoman, and civic leader with a passion for building stronger communities and empowering clients to reach their goals. She brings a dynamic and inclusive leadership style to her role as a Multicultural Marketing agent and her involvement in the community. Her experience includes brand concept development, strategic communications, inbound and outbound marketing, event development, and cooperate in public relations and conversational intelligence. She has played an active role in some of Memphis' most influential events, committees, boards, and fundraisers.
This allowed her to receive the Memphis Elite Eleven Award back in 2015, and she later  received the ‘Women in Business Award’ in 2018. Alex recently obtained the title of Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.
Tisch McDaniel
Training Professional | HR Guru | Process Improvement | D&I 
Tisch brings ContigoCulture a driven leadership style for diversity and inclusion, which is represented by her extensive involvement and volunteerism in the Memphis community. Tisch's experience includes numerous start-up ventures, strategy development, event development, and major business initiatives in Memphis and the Mid-South, as well as outside of the Mid-South. She has played an important role in some of Memphis' most notable events, committees, boards, and fundraisers. Tisch was awarded the 2017 HR Lifetime Achievement Award and the 2016 George Mabon HR Executive of the Year Award by SHRM-Memphis, and the 2015 HCM Partner of the Month by Ceridian.
Andrew Carter
Media Expert PR | Research | Culture Coach | Strategic Thinking
Andrew brings a unique mix of academic deftness and applied professional experience to ContigoCulture. His professional background includes media and public relations, market-based research, and crisis communications. His academic work is situated at the intersection of culture and communication, where he employs a variety of qualitative methods and approaches in the examination of voice, meaning construction, and consumer participation in public discourse. In addition, Andrew has experience fostering multisectoral partnerships across the local Memphis community, where he has fostered community involvement using several community-based participatory methods and “bottom-up” approaches. Andrew is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Memphis.
Andrea Jacobo
Coalition Builder | Strategic Planner | Social Marketing | Culture Coach
Andrea brings a servant leadership style to ContigoCulture by building the capacity of individuals and teams to innovate effectively. Her experience includes coalition building, strategic planning, project management, social marketing, leadership development, and group facilitation. She is actively involved in addressing the drivers of health by bridging culture and equity with the social milieu. Andrea is a member of the Shelby County’s Mayor Young Professional Council and board member of the Latino Caucus for Public Health. 



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