Our comprehensive portfolio of services allows us to offer our clients an integrated solution to transform their Culture, through a detailed Discovery and Transformational Training, into a stronger organization.


Solutions offered under OES include:

Moving Past the Barriers of Diversity, Inclusion, Engagement and Resisting Bias

Complete Culture Transformation based on Strengths  lead by Gallup Certified        Expert

Kaizen Performance

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

Who Moved My Cheese? (Dealing with change)

Fish! Training (Harry Paul)

TRUST Model Training based on Conversational Intelligence

Multicultural Professional Development

● Taboo Topics Tactics


Our comprehensive portfolio includes management of a variety of areas. Learn how to manage training for multicultural demographics. Hispanic and multicultural communications in the best cultural-savvy tendencies, along with the best way to manage your partnerships and sponsorships.


Solutions under Niche Brain include:

● Hispanic Markets and Other Top International Markets and Innovation

● Bi-Cultural and Bi-Lingual Public Relations

● Multicultural Employment Recruitment

● International Liaison

● Bi-Lingual Marketing Solutions

● Event Concept, Development, and Management

● Linguistic Training

● Powerful Network Connection


A sampling of the services offered:

Analysis of the benefits your company offers compared to your vision, mission, values, your top executives guiding principles, and your employee demographics.

Total review about how your Total Rewards Program components are communicated and marketed to all your employees, breaking down any employee segments, if needed, to determine any impact on the benefit offering. Research how your company’s Total Rewards Program stacks up against your competitors and peers. Determine what tweaks, if any, are needed to improve the employee experience and reduce time away from work. Through evaluation of your insurance benefits enrollment processes and services.


The Compleat Benefit Solution Program Review includes:

● Compensation 

● Health and Wellness

● Income Protection and Retirement Savings

● Paid Time Off

● Learning and Development

● Charitable Works

● Beyond the Basics


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